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Creating the Next Wave of Technology 

Wave2 is dedicated to creating cloud-based data-driven software and SaaS products that deliver a great user experience, high performance and scalability, powerful admin features, insightful tracking and data visualization tools, and more.

Wave2 product highlights

Wave2 ATM Locator 

Cutting Edge Search & Mapping Service for Financial Institutions

Convenient access is mission-critical for banks and credit unions and the Wave2 Locator delivers detailed information about tens of thousands of surcharge-free ATMs right inside your institution’s web and mobile offerings in this data-driven marketing solution.

Mobile Optimized & ADA Accessible

The Wave2 Locator delivers the same great user experience on a phone or tablet as it does on a large computer monitor. It is easily integrated directly into your trusted website, online banking site, and even inside your mobile apps for a seamless and consistent experience, and ADA Accessibility is built in from the ground-up.

Powerful Admin, Data Visualization, and APIs

All the details of the Wave2 Locator system and your own branches and ATMs are under your control 24/7 in our Admin Portal. Up to the minute usage tracking data and powerful visualization tools are included in this easy-to-use control system.  Wave2 APIs can power your own kiosk, app, or other third-party systems.

Product Support & Services

Everything we do is supported by enterprise-class server infrastructure, high performance data services, and obsessive customer support.

Reliability & Perfomance

Our active-active high-availability cloud-based server infrastructure is constantly at work checking for errors, over-taxed resources, and network or server problems that could cause outages or performance slowdowns. If such a situation arises, we automatically route around the problem to be sure our products are always available for high performance delivery.

Data Expertise

With products and services fueled by a wealth of data, we apply our decades of experience to make sure that our database operations are optimized, efficient, secure, and high-performance.  From our always up-to-date application data, to our detailed product usage and tracking data, to our powerful data visualization systems, to our constant backups – we know the power of data and we harness it for you.

Safety & Security

We keep all of our products, servers, web services, and APIs safe and secure with the latest patches and security measures, as well as ongoing scanning and countermeasures for possible vulnerabilities, exploitations and attacks. We also keep all software and ongoing data backed up in case of emergency. Speaking of emergency, our active-active multi-homed server infrastructure will keep your services up and running and our DR readiness will be waiting in the wings to save the day.

Obsessive Support

We understand that technology products are only as good as the people backing them. That’s why Wave2 is obsessive about delivering fast and responsive customer support with the goal of resolving any issues quickly and thoroughly. Whether it be through a quick email, through our ticketing system, or through a direct call to the founders of the company, we are here for you.

Now You Can Harness the  Experience and Expertise Behind Our Own Products!

Wave2 provides full-cycle product development outsourcing, project management services, and application hosting. Explore the possibilities below, and get in touch today.

Application Development Services

Wave2 can work with your team to develop and manage large-scale and complex custom web and mobile applications and then host and maintain them on our own enterprise-class cloud-based server infrastructure.

Leverage the power of your own industry data sets with high-performing and robust custom data management, data warehousing, data-driven APIs and applications, intuitive and attractive UX design, as well as dashboard and visualization tools.


Mobile-Responsive Web Application and Native Mobile App Development 

Project Management Services, Wire Framing, UX design, Graphic Design

Integration with Your Proprietary Systems, Data Sources, and APIs

Data Security is Job One, 256-Bit Data Encryption in Transit and at Rest

Admin Portals, System Controls, Data Tracking & Visualization

Customer Support Via Ticketing System, Email, Voice, Chat

Your Technology Development Partner

Innovation Starts Here

You are focused on delivering for your customers every day and on forging the future of your industry.  Perhaps you have some great ideas and a vision for certain software and data services that could make a big impact on your company and your field. Partner with Wave2 and let us bring your vision to life.

Application, UX, Database, API & System Development

Project Management and Multi-Component Coordination

Enterprise Class Cloud-Based Application Hosting

Ongoing Maintenance, Enhancement and Support

Make Your Vision a Reality

See Our Work In Action

Wave2’s revolutionary ATM and Branch Locator delivers unparalleled performance, 3D mapping, seamless mobile integration, and a ridiculously powerful admin portal and data visualization tools behind the scenes. Come see how we are making waves for financial institutions.

Let Us Be Your Secret Weapon

Led by your vision and industry expertise, Wave2 can help take your company to new heights of innovation and performance.  Together we can harness the next wave of technology to make a real impact on your business.

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